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Amy Sanders traveled around the world in 1999 with her friend Liz. She sporadically sent back emails to family and friends detailing her adventures. I created this site to help her communicate with family and friends (and other assorted riffraff that manage to find this page). As she traveled, these emails (and any photos she managed to scan - this was a low-tech journey, mind you!) were placed here.

She's home now. Someday, she may add to this site. Until then, if you have any comments/questions/praise, send Amy some email!

If there are any problems with this site, please contact me (Seán Connolly) at as_webmaster @

For travelogues and photos by me, please visit my own site at (C'mon Amy, you didn't expect me to host your site without at least a little plug for mine, now, did you? :-)

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