The Great Out There
World Tour 94-95
24 October, 1994 - 20 December, 1995
In October, 1994, I started a 14 month, 19 country, five continent wander of the planet.


These are my journals from that trip around the world. Also included are over 100 photos, packing lists, costs, maps, and various other details to hopefully help others on their way for their own travels.

These journals contain details of my solo 14 month trip around the world through New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Kenya, Tanzania, Ireland, and various other destinations thrown in along the way. There's action, adventure, danger, romance, intrigue, all the ingredients for a good read if you don't mind my long-winded style. :-) Attacks in the Baluchistan desert, romance in Eire, train wrecks, starvation, strange foods, human greed and hospitality, paradise in all forms... Not bad for a recovering computer nerd who had never eaten Indian food before this trip...

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