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Table of Contents

"There are only three things which make life worth living: to be writing a tolerably good book, to be in a dinner party of six, and to be travelling south with someone whom your conscience permits you to love."
- Cyril Connolly
- Leaving the crutches behind.
North Island
- From Auckland down the east coast to Wellington.
South Island
- Around the South Island from Picton and back.
North Island again
- Through the middle of North Island up to the Coromandel Peninsula and back to Auckland.
Go east, old man
- Homeward bound. Bound to find a new home

Photo Gallery
- Images from Middle Earth.
- Over and under.
Packing List
- Not less than I need or more than enough.
- Time passes.
Miscellaneous data
- Numbers to mark the way.

Gone Walkabout
- For more travelogues and writings, go to my home page.
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