Masters of the Dance

XII. Echoes

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7 February - 11 February Santa Fe Map
A couple days in Puerto la Cruz were enough for me. I wanted a quieter place to relax until Carnival. So, after asking a couple travellers, I hopped a bus to Santa Fe. It was an interesting ride down the coast, with some nice scenery along the way.

Santa Fe Sunset :: Venezuela
Santa Fe Sunset
Santa Fe, Venezuela
Santa Fe was a very nice change from Puerto la Cruz. A quiet village on the beach, with only a few backpacker places along the beach, but otherwise pretty chill. I heard it was crowded on weekends with Venezuelans, but on Sunday, most had already checked out, so I found a place easily.

Not much to tell here either. I spent my days on the beach and my evenings talking with some Germans I met my first day there. It was the kind of place where you easily meet people, and see them around, but still do your own thing. There was supposed to be some good scuba diving nearby, but I couldn't be bothered.

It was almost the end of the road for me.

I spent most of my time hanging out with Pat, a dance instructor. She was relaxed company, but had many penetrating comments that made me re-think some things in my life I had previously taken for granted.

Pat was also interested in going to Carupano for Carnival. The two of us discussed going there together. But a couple days before we planned to take off, news came back that there was some nasty stuff going on there. According to reports, there were riots breaking out. Some tourists were beaten up, one was stabbed, and the police had to break out the gas. People coming from there told us they wouldn't recommend we go, especially during Carnival. I decided not to bother.

This trip was over. It was time to go home.

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