Masters of the Dance

Table Of Contents

Introduction - Baila conmigo?

I. Takeoff - The fire is lit.

II. Feet of clay - One, two, three

III. Take a bath - A pop Xmas

IV. Head in the Clouds - Hanging off the side of the world

V. Thawing Out - In the aftermath of the child

VI. Departure - Adios Ecuador


VII. Transition - Shifting focus

VIII. Days of Solitude - Climbing Pico Bolivar

IX. The Fire Dancers - Hips of Fire

X. A Touch of Spice - On the verge of the winds

XI. Nailed on the Cross - Pizza Hut exotica

XII. Echoes - The flame sputters

XIII. End of the Dance - The music fades

Epilogue - Possibilities


What's New? - Dispatches from the road

Photos - A visual treat

Packing List - Dancing shoes...

Maps - A visual aid to guide you on your way

Calendar - Space and Time

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